Research Hybrid Cotton

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This variety is the crossing of Hirsotum and Barbadum by the great research and efforts of our scientists ,

The specimen is 70days resistance for BOLLWARN , after 70 days , next 30 days the little bit attack of bollworm may seen but after 100 days this attack is defused due to reconnection in the resistancy to avoid bollworm ,

The spacing of this variety Row To Row 4.5 feet& plant to plant 3 feet. The square formation period is 30 to 35 days and flowering period 40 to45 days and the first picking period80 to 85 days medium hairy loose, In irrigation 6 feet height & in rainfed 4to 5 feet height , 3-5 are main branches & 25 to 30 fruitable branches , boll size is 5 to 6 gm, when three years is completed in organic in that field 15 to 20 quintal yield is practically reached in model plot condition including available or suitable weather .


  • Intra-Hirsutum hybrid with tall stature.
  • Medium to late maturity with high yield potential.
  • Long fibre with good strength and ginning out turn.
  • Early to medium maturity with good boll size.
  • Good fibre quality with assured yield in low rainfall area.